Ode to Climbers

I love climbing.

I also love the people who climb. The folks in my climbing circle all seem to feel the same way. Climbers are a unique and fabulous bunch of people. Half of the awesomeness of this thing we do is the community we share it with.

I noticed it first in my home gym. Within a few weeks of getting started I was handed over to a Wednesday climbing group. They took me in with smiles and never once made me feel bad about being a total beginner and barely being able to make it up a 5.7. Always positive, always encouraging, and passionate about life.

Maybe that’s what it is. There’s this passion for life that I don’t see in many other places. These people stand out. They’re the ones with sparkly eyes. They play hard and don’t take themselves, or life, too seriously.

Or maybe it’s a shared experience. Climbing transforms us. Everyone’s story is different, but they are eerily similar as well. Stories of transformation, awakening, and empowerment. Maybe we can sense that in each other.

I joined Twitter this year and, in doing so, joined a much larger climbing community. Suddenly I was connecting with climbers from all over the country. Some from outside the country. And I realized that this phenomenon isn’t limited to just the great people I climb with in my own gym… it’s climbers everywhere. They are excited about life; passionate about their pursuits. They are kind, generous, and open. I’m willing to bet that they have sparkly eyes, too.

Black Hills: topping out with some fabulous folk.

To my climbing community:

You inspire me. You push me to step out of my comfort zone. You remind me to live life, to use my body, to be strong, and go out and DO. You are generous and kind and remind me to be the same. You are amazing, and I am grateful for you.


5 thoughts on “Ode to Climbers

  1. bill

    Great post! With very few exceptions, my experience with the climbing community mirrors your own. I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments. Climbers are indeed Awesome people!

  2. M

    This is a great post! i really enjoyed reading it, very well written and excellent at capturing the "climber". i definitely have to agree with your opening statement. i was exposed to climbing 12 years ago and it hasnt left me since! i just summitted Kili this past september and it changed my life – so yes, climbing does make you go out and DO and live life to the fullest in all aspects! as climbers i feel like we discovered a secret to this world that only those who reach the top of any mountain can truly understand.

    Keep climbing! 🙂

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