Tiny Adventures: Biking in the Snow

My Adventure-a-Week series is a challenge I’ve set for myself to have one or more tiny adventures every week that fit within my daily life. Adventure is often thought of as something big and grand, but opportunities for adventure in everyday life are all around us. This is my test of that theory.

The adventures I had planned for this week fell through, so when Friday arrived and I still didn’t have anything, the pressure was on.  Then I found out that a coworker’s band was playing only a few miles from the house. What better time to see what this whole winter biking thing is all about?

This week’s adventure: taking the bike out in the snow.

Now, for many cyclists here in Minnesota, this is not an adventure, as they do it every day. For me, however, it’s something I’ve avoided mostly for fear of falling on my arse. I am in awe and amazement of how many people are out on the ickyest of days. Back in November, I switched from a bike commute to a bus commute and have been missing my bike oh so much.So, we got our lights and bike locks, inflated the tires, checked the brakes, and off we went! I was pleasantly surprised how, even on my skinny tires, it wasn’t as hard to stay upright as I thought it would be.  The backroads were a little sketchy, but once we got on the plowed bike trails, it was a nice pack of snow.

Tips for riding in the snow:

  • Keep your tire pressure on the low side for more traction.
  • Ride slowly.
  • Keep your weight on the back wheel
  • Keep moving. Centrifugal force is keeping you upright
  • Just like in a car, keep the wheels straight over slippery stuff. If the tires slip they’ll continue going in the same direction.
  • Also just like in a car, don’t lock up the wheels when you brake.
  • As a newbie, I just rode in my boots and didn’t clip in. There was a lot of peace of mind knowing that I could put a foot down if needed.

Our snowy bikes at the bar

This week’s adventure can added to the success column.A side note to all you Twitter folks, join me by using the #tinyadventures hashtag for your daily adventures! Help me start a movement.

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      Hi Nich! Thank you so much for the comment and for posting about your own mini adventure as well. 🙂 I’m adding your blog to my reading list, can’t wait to read more!

      Adventure On.

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