Tiny Adventures: Broomball & Ice Climbing

The Tiny Adventures series is a challenge I’ve set for myself to have one or more tiny adventures every week that fit within my daily life. Adventure is often thought of as something big and grand, but opportunities for adventure in everyday life are all around us. This is my test of that theory.

Today in Minneapolis, it is 43 degrees and the sun is shining; the first time the temp has been above freezing in many weeks (probably months). It feels like spring and my mind is turning to all of the fun things that await us once the snow is melted. Looking back on this week’s adventures, however, it’s clear that it doesn’t have to be warm out to have a good time.

  • Went to a broomball game: The outside temp was -10F, but we bundled up, filled a water bottle with hot water and jello, and went to cheer on our friends’ broomball team. Never having seen broomball before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It seems to me that it’s basically hockey without the skates. Hockey sticks are replaced with ‘brooms,’ and instead of a puck there’s a foam ball that is batted around. The best part of the game was watching them all run on the ice. Even with special sticky shoes, their legs moved faster than their bodies. It was fun to watch.

  • Made a quiche: We have some friends with chickens and were surprised last week with some overflow eggs. I’ve been craving quiche for a while and fresh eggs seemed like a great reason to give it a try. I searched the interwebs for a basic recipe, added a bunch of veggies to it, and used a store-bought pie crust. It was quite delicious! I do not consider myself to be a good cook, so whenever I try something new and it turns out, I feel like rockstar.
  • Went ice climbing for the first time: This counts in the tiny adventure category because it caused minimal disruption to my regular schedule. A short drive and a short hike from the car, we could see downtown St Paul from our climb. I love that this seemingly big adventure was right across town, within urban city limits. Between the three of us, gear was either owned, borrowed, or rented, so for less than $25 we had ourselves a great morning of climbing. This will probably warrant its very own blog post, so I’ll just say here that it was a fantastic way to spend some time outdoors.
I’m not sure yet what tiny adventures await for the upcoming week; nothing is planned yet. I’m excited to see what awaits!
Hope you had a great week. As always, would love to hear about *your* tiny adventures!

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    1. Elizabeth Post author

      I liked it a lot! It’s definitely in my brain, I’ve been working out technique in my head ever since. Much like I do with rock climbing. I’m definitely excited to give it another try… as soon as the bruises heal. 🙂

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