Fifty Fun Things: Guest Post

Today’s post is my first ever guest post! Lisa is a friend and climbing buddy. We met at the gym about two years ago when I was a newbie climber. Lisa and her clan took me in and I’ve been climbing with them ever since. 

Lisa continually inspires me, and when she told me about her “Fifty Fun Things” list, I asked if she would contribute a guest post. She obliged, and here it is. Enjoy, and be inspired!


I learned long ago that to make your birthday celebration perfect you need to seize control of it. When I realized my 50th was on the horizon, I knew I had to not only grab hold, but wrestle it to the ground.

I noticed a sign at the climbing gym. “VEGA trips, Devil’s Tower. ” My partner said “you should climb that.” I do listen to him. Then I noticed that one of the dates was my birthday. It was decided. So I asked a couple of my favorite gals and my favorite guide and we committed. We succeeded.

There just happened to be a film crew there. Here is the video.


I had so much fun, I decided, why stop there? I will keep going!

Some folks have a bucket list, but that’s not for me. Why list the things you want to do? That is a lot of pressure. Heck, I am 50. If I think of something I want to do, I had better get to it, the clock is ticking. I would rather make a list of things that I have accomplished. But what kind of things? Epic adventures? Physically challenging things? Should I journal about it? Nope, best to keep it simple.

I decided to make a list of 50 fun things done in my 50th year. So far, I have had a lot of fun, and I am right on schedule. 6 months into the project and I have 25 things on my list.
50 Fun things (Some have a link to photos or video of the event)
  1. Climb Devil’s Tower
  2. Kayak 50 miles on the Upper St. Croix with Sparky.
  3. Weld sculptures at Metal Madness in Meisville Minnesota
  4. Sleep in a log cabin with the Hens
  5. Watch the Reel Rock film festival with climbing buddies
  6.  Sail the lower St. Croix with Mike, Richard and Chris.
  7. A Wedding with the Hens- First chick wedding.
  8. Climb at Taylors Falls with Carl, Richard, Amy, Aaron
  9. Canyoneer Water Canyon in Utah
  10. Ride ATV’s in the Desert
  11. Hike the Narrows of Zion Canyon
  12. Hike to Zion’s Observation Point
  13. Sandstone Ice Festival
  14. Blacksmithing at Johnny Mac’s with Sparky
  15. Turkey Trot with Dianne
  16. Vocal Jazz Concert in Duluth! That’s my boy!
  17. A surprise Christmas visit from Emily from Slovakia!
  18. Ski at Bridger Bowl with Linda, Carl and David 
  19. Snowshoe at Hyalite Canyon near Bozeman Montana
  20. Soak at Norris Hot Springs in Montana 
  21.  The Last Women on the Edge Dogsled Trip
  22.  Les Hiberant- Winter Camping on Sawbill with Johnny Mac and Sparky
  23.  Climb Ice at sandstone with Johnny Mac and Dr. P, A Great Day.
  24.  Boot Camp at Core Power!
  25.  Pose for a figure drawing workshop
  26. TBD…

Much thanks to Lisa for the guest post. I’m looking forward to hearing about the last 25 that fill out the list!

3 thoughts on “Fifty Fun Things: Guest Post

  1. Lisa

    26. Randonee (Alpine Ski touring at Welsh Village with John. Uvee & Dr. P.
    27. Forged a candlestick with John the Blacksmith

    1. Lisa

      Hi Liz, I was missing my climbing friends and reading your blog. I realized I still owe you fun things. I did finish the list! Here they are. It is like you reverse bucket list…from 3 years ago
      26. Kayak the Yucatan Si’an Ka’an Biosphere
      27. Snorkle a cenote
      28. Boogie Board in Mexico
      29. Telemark Ski at the Wild Welsh
      30. Run with Dianne
      31. Telly at Afton
      32. Vocal Jazz Cabaret in Duluth
      33. Hen Monthly- Bastard Batik
      34. Make moccasins
      35. Build a dragon boat paddle
      36. Paddle thought Afton State Park with Sparky
      37. Paddle the St. Croix Afton- Prescott with Sparky
      38. Spark’s 50 Birthday
      39. Yoga on the Beach
      40. Yoga Instructors Photo Shoot
      41. Paddle Afton- Hudson with Spark
      42. Lunch and Sailing with Mary Nash and PPM
      43. Roll a whitewater kayak
      44. Bike the Cannon River Trail
      45. North Shore Dragon Boat Festival

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