Tiny Adventures: Breakdancing

The Adventure-a-Week series is a challenge I’ve set for myself to have one or more tiny adventures every week that fit within my daily life. Adventure is often thought of as something big and grand, but opportunities for adventure in everyday life are all around us. This is my test of that theory.

Week four of my adventure-a-week project and I must say, this is quite fun! This last week I had no idea what the adventure would be, so I sat back and waited to see what would come my way. Wednesday I received a text from a friend to discuss “Operation Condor,” a surprise bday celebration for a friend. A breakdancing instructor would be hired.


Friday night we found ourselves in a great space, lots of open room and random stuff lying around. Wheelchair races commenced, and then the breakdancing instructor arrived. There were about 12 of us all lined up bustin’ a move (or… trying to at least). The sight was one to behold!

This week’s tiny adventure? Group breakdancing lessons. I stopped halfway through b/c I had a climbing competition the next day, so I captured some video of the lesson.

Breakdancing from Eliz1 on Vimeo.

I also participated in a climbing competition on Saturday having decided to sign up in the Advanced category. I was at the bottom end of the scale in this category and definitely out of my comfort zone. Because I pushed myself out of the comfort zone, I think it deserves its very own tiny adventure label.