Tiny Adventures: Quinoa

The Adventure-a-Week series is a challenge I’ve set for myself to have one or more tiny adventures every week that fit within my daily life. Adventure is often thought of as something big and grand, but opportunities for adventure in everyday life are all around us. This is my test of that theory.

This week’s tiny adventure was tiny, indeed, but an adventure nonetheless! When I finally learned how to make cous-cous (and loved it), a friend suggested I try quinoa as well. Mentioning this on Twitter resulted in a barrage of tiny 140 character quinoa love-letters. Apparently, quinoa is crazy good for you. It’s touted on the interwebs as a “complete protein” and lauded for it’s amino acids and nutritional value. I had to look up the pronunciation, which is “KEEN-wa.” I’m glad I did, because in my head I pronounce it “kwin-O-a.” That is incorrect.

So, I made some quinoa.

Listening to my twitter peeps, I sauteed some onion, garlic, and pepper and added it to the cooked quinoa, then added a bit of lemon juice and ground pepper.

It was delicious! Quinoa, welcome to my kitchen. Glad to have you. 🙂