Tiny Adventures: Bus/Bike Combo

After taking a couple of weeks off,  I have a tiny adventure to report. The exact sort of tiny adventure that I had in mind when I started this little experiment.

Last week I needed to get across town to the climbing gym, but didn’t have a car to do so. I bike around town quite a bit for transport, but there’s something about that commute to the gym that has never felt quite right. The ride is about 10 miles, and there’s a section that is on a bad road. It’s busy, filled with potholes, and has poor visibility.I’ve tried to find ways around it, but there’s really no easy way that I’ve come up with where I don’t feel uneasy in some way. Taking the bus over there requires a transfer, a lot of time, and nearly a mile of walking at the end, so that’s not a good solution either. I’ve tried to figure this commute out for a long time and have never come up with something that felt straightforward and safe.

I took another look at bus route maps, and I realized that there is a bus line that begins close-ish to my house and drops me off close-ish to the gym. Straight shot. No transfers; bus time is only about 30 min. Bike to the stop, bike to the gym. 3 miles of biking total. Brilliant. I decided to try it out.

Enter… tiny adventure.

Getting to the bus was a breeze, it’s a route that I take often. 15 minutes to the bus stop. No problem. Put bike on the front of the bus, ride for 30 minutes. Easy. Except that I wasn’t quite sure where to get off the bus. I knew the street started with an F… and Earl would get me over the bridge I needed. I got off at an F street, but as the bus pulled away, I realized it was the wrong one.

So off I went on my bike, having a vague idea of where I was, but not clear. After a bit of wandering around, I found Earl, and 5 minutes later I was locking the bike up at the gym.


It may seem small, but it felt adventurous. I was exploring. Figuring out the puzzle of how to get from point A to point B in the most efficient manner possible without driving. This particular tiny adventure taught me that I can get to the gym via bus/bike combo in less than an hour.

This may become a regular thing.

4 thoughts on “Tiny Adventures: Bus/Bike Combo

  1. Haley @ Climb Run Lift Mom

    I've done that with the train in SLC. Knew the vicinity I needed to get off but not sure of which one exactly, lol… Oh well, a little adventure never hurt anyone 😉

  2. Katie

    yay Eliz! I definitely could work harder to find alternate routes around the city here, but public transit is generally pretty good. maybe I'll try taking the bus with my bike sometime; I've never done that before!

  3. Elizabeth

    Katie – our public transit is decent, but not stellar by any means. I'm always envious when I'm in Chicago or out east. But, with a little planning and a bike, it's doable.

  4. Erica Lineberry

    Awesome Elizabeth! I'm a big fan of bike commuting, and how fun to incorporate it with your climbing – nice way to warm-up and cool-down! Way to plug some adventure into your day 🙂

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