Tall Girl Review: Mountain Hardwear Yuma Convertible Pant

I don’t really consider myself a gear review kind of gal, but I am so crazy about this particular pair of pants that I really want to share. There was a recent discussion on Twitter about the need for more selection in women’s technical pants, so this seems like the time to sing praises.

Last June, I went to REI searching for a good pair of technical pants. I needed something great for hiking and climbing both, as I was preparing for a trip to the Black Hills in South Dakota. Not only did the pants need to be comfortable and provide good movement, but the rock there is really abrasive, so they needed to be tough, too.

I tried on several pairs of pants and when nothing fit me quite right, I gave up. Too short, too tight in the rear, too loose in the waist, too ugly, too… whatever. The sales woman refused to let me quit, went on a search, and came up with this pair of Mountain Hardwear pants. It was love at first try-on.

Photo: Seth Iverson

I am nearly six feet tall. Men’s pants don’t work for me because I’m shaped like a girl.  Finding pants is frustrating at best, mostly because many manufacturers don’t provide a choice of inseam length. But these? They were labeled “long,” and are actually long enough for me. They fit my butt and waist perfectly, are super comfy, and are nice and stretchy for climbs

I was sold. I bought the pants and left happy, something that rarely happens.

In the past 9 months, these pants have been everywhere with me.
– 3 day hiking/camping/climbing trip in the Black Hills
– 10 day hiking/camping trip out west, to Wyoming and Montana
– Ice climbing
– Snow shoveling
– Snow tubing

I’ve worn them in temps from 85F to -20F. With a pair or two of long undies underneath, they still fit great and are comfortable. Snow doesn’t phase them, it just rolls right off. I’ve worn these pants 4 days in a row without washing and they don’t get stinky. Great for hiking, comfortable for multi-pitch climbing. Don’t let the drawstring fool you, the closure is actually some flat snaps and those keep the pants in the right place.

Pockets are on the leg, out of the way of a harness, and I have the convertible pant, which zips off into shorts. The waist is flat and has a lining on the inside which is comfortable under a harness.

I love these pants. Thank you, Mountain Hardwear, for realizing that women are not one size fits all. I will be a returning customer!

9 thoughts on “Tall Girl Review: Mountain Hardwear Yuma Convertible Pant

  1. Erica Lineberry

    I love these pants also! They are my go-to climbing pants for sure, had them for several years. Ya wanna know something funny though? I saw some Yuma NON-convertible pants on closeout at REI a few weeks ago, so I ordered the same size as my convertible ones, and they are ridiculously big on me?!? Go figure – but yes, high praise for the Yuma convertibles!!!

  2. Elizabeth

    Ooh, that is really good to know. I was considering getting a pair of non-convertible as well.

  3. Anonymous

    I love my Yuma Convertible pants, too, but I think they're no longer making. I wanted to replace mine (lost some weight, mine are too big now) and pretty much everywhere is sold out of them. They're not even featured on the Mountain Hardwear website anymore. Not sure why they'd stop selling the best pants ever, but I've been really sad about it!

  4. Elizabeth

    Oh no, I hope that's not true!! Maybe I'll give them a call and find out what the dealio is…

  5. Jill - Jack and Jill Travel The World

    I have them and they're the only pair of pants I'm taking on our around the world trip (starting today). I've climbed, hiked, scrambled around in them. Love, love, love. Curious to see how they'll do being worn everyday for a year, so we'll see.

  6. Katie

    Awesome!!! I love these pants, Elizabeth, and I can't believe I never thought to recommend them. So glad you found them! The only beef I have with Mountain Hardwear about them is that the zippered seam falls right on my kneecap, which gets a little annoying. Other than that, they're as good as it gets, and I really hope MHW continues to make them!

  7. TylerGirl

    I just picked these up (in black) at REI today for a Kilimanjaro climb/safari in Jan 2012. They were on sale from $75 to about $50, so I was looking for them in khaki (apparently, black draws the flies on safari) and also wondered if they came in a convertible short as opposed to convert capri (below the knee). Any info?

  8. Elizabeth

    TylerGirl – I'm not sure about the convertible short. I'm quite tall and these pants unzip right above the knee on me; I know others have mentioned that theirs unzip lower on the leg. I would definitely call Mountain Hardwear and ask them. I've had good luck with them responding to inquiries. Best on your Kilimanjaro climb, that sounds fantastic!

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