2011 Climbing: Unexpectedly Awesome

A few months back I found myself in a bad place. I was beginning a nine-month overnight shift at work, and was bummed about the effect it would have on my climbing goals. This was something I hadn’t fully taken into account when I made my goals for the year. Around the same time, some big plans I had for learning new climbing skills had fallen through, as well as a big trip we had planned.

I walked around like sad Charlie Brown for weeks. As far as I could tell, my climbing progress and goals would have to be put on hold until next year. This year was a bust. The end. Nothing to be done.

Fast forward to October. I look back at the last few months and I am astounded at all of the fun stuff and great progress that has been made this summer. Proving, once again,that just because things don’t work out exactly as I plan them, they usually still work out just fine. In fact, I’d say things have been pretty darned great. I have learned a lot of new skills and have climbed all over the country.

In front of El Cap

This season went a bit like this:

  • Climbed in a lot of new places!
  • Attended a Chicks Climbing clinic at Devils Lake and learned a TON. I gained skills and confidence in outdoor technique, as well as learning about anchors and protection placements.
  • I can now set up top rope anchors with confidence.
  • First outdoor sport leads: first in Boulder Canyon, second in Red Wing, MN. More to come.
  • Learned how to clean anchors on a sport climb and rappel back down.
  • Made some big leaps in the mental part of climbing.
  • Camped in the rain quite a bit; learned really quickly how to set up my tent correctly for the rain.
  • Hiked in the rain quite a bit. Learned the value of rain gear and wool socks.
  • Met a lot of great climbing folks across the country (thank you, Twitter).
  • Climbed my first real mountain (ok… hiked my first real mountain).
  • Committed myself to kettlebells classes, twice a week. I’ve made big gains in strength and cardio.

As it turns out, it’s been a great year. Debbie-Downer-Eliz was wrong. I have a whole new set of skills that I didn’t have a few months ago, many of them coming from experiences that weren’t originally in the plan. I’m really proud of what I’ve accomplished this year, and really excited for the opportunities that are now open to me!

I’m not going to lie: working overnights definitely changes things up and affects the way I feel and how I have to plan my activities (I’ll make that its very own post). But, looking at the list above, I’ve obviously been finding ways to work around it.

Moral of the story: Plans change, and they fall through. Life changes. I am reminded to be flexible and keep my eyes open. Every change in our lives opens up new opportunities. Many of the great things I did this summer were a result of plans changing. Pretty cool.

P.S. I’ve just gained a new lead-climbing partner both in the gym and on rock. Congrats to Seth for taking the plunge and learning to lead! :)

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8 thoughts on “2011 Climbing: Unexpectedly Awesome

  1. Justina F. Lee

    Super jealous! Looks like so much fun! Rainy season hit Vancouver and Squamish, a temporary end to rock climbing :-(

    Ice climbing however…

  2. @jessicamacho

    Good for you, Eliz! I like your outlook – you strike me as a very determined woman. I'm happy to hear you encountered some awesome climbing opps before the year ended. Seems like climbing has taken you (or you have taken climbing?) to some far and beautiful places. Can't wait to see what adventures 2012 has in store!


  3. Haley @ Climb Run Lift Mom

    I'm so happy your year turned out better than expected :) 2012 is probably going to hold even better adventures!!
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for J-Tree too!!!!

  4. richard

    That's quite a list for someone who had the sad biscuit lips just a few months ago. Congrats to you.

  5. Elizabeth

    Thanks for reading, everyone, and for the great encouragement.

    Justina – sorry to hear about the rainy season. Sounds like you've got a good backup plan! Ice season approacheth.

    Jessica – Thanks, chica! Climbing has, indeed, taken me to some great places and led me to some fantastic people. It's a good excuse to get out and go places!

    Haley – Yes, 2012! We're already talking about some exciting prospects… although I think I may take it slow and easy for a bit. :) Except… hope to see you in J-Tree!

    Richard – Thank you, sir! I was thinking the same thing. Not sure how it happened, but I was quite surprised when I actually laid it out. Fun times with more adventures to come I'm sure. :)

  6. 1nature

    Wonderful to hear that the year turned out not being too shabby for you. Looks like you ticked off some routes in some nice places and the year isn't over yet!

    Love reading about your adventures. Have you figured out the pre-kettlebell nosh yet?

  7. Elizabeth

    1nature – Thanks, it's been a great year all around. Now if only I could bottle it… As for pre-kettlebell nosh, I think I've figured it out. Someone suggested 2 eggs and some oatmeal, 2 hours before. I tried it and it worked like a charm.

    splitter choss Anytime. Thanks for reading!

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