Tiny Adventures: Skeeball and Fancy Drinks

It’s Tiny Adventure time! A lot has been happening with family and life in general the past few weeks, all of which have required our attention. Time for adventures has, rightfully, taken a backseat. However, I have managed to squeeze in a couple here and there.


I had the urge one night to play skeeball. I don’t think I’ve played since days of my youth going to Chuck E. Cheese with my family, eating bad pizza and playing fun games. Skeeball was always my favorite thing to do there. So I got on the internet and learned that there’s a new bar/restaurant in town that has skeeball!

The owners of Pat’s Tap have a few other places in town that are great, so we decided to give it a try. I have to admit that the bar was kind of a disappointment (not all tiny adventures can be fabulous successes!), but we had a good time nonetheless. The machines are vintage and don’t really work that well, and we had to attempt to keep score ourselves. Even though they tell you that you need a quarter to play, we learned that we could actually play for free. Bonus! After several rounds of making up our own games, followed by a bad game of pool, we called it a night.

Fancy Drinks

Fancy drinks: Drinks that cost $12 or more (a $10 drink with $2 tip to the bartender can be counted in an emergency). Fancy drinks can be used as wagers (the winner of the wager is owed a fancy drink), or as payment for favors.

My first time out for fancy drinks was a few weeks ago. Seth had some coming his way from a wager that he had won with some friends. Fancy drinks are a whole package; one must dress the part as well. So I put on a fancy dress and some boots, and Seth wore his best suit and bowtie. We headed downtown and when we reached our destination were instructed to go around the back of the building, down the stairs, and through an unmarked purple door. Intrigue! Adventure!

I think the secret, unmarked bar through the purple door was one of the highlights of the night. Through the door was a beautiful, posh, underground bar. It felt like I was in a secret place, which made it that much more fun. On top of that, the fancy drinks were amazing. I had the best gin martini of my life that night. No joke. The atmosphere, the people, the drinks… it was a great night and a fun little adventure. Dressing up and going out for fancy drinks is definitely something to add to the occasional/special occasion list. I’m thinking it might be a fun way to celebrate in a few months when I return to the daylight.

So there you have it: tiny adventures thus far for December. Some folks have been posting their own tiny adventures on twitter, using #tinyadventures. I would love to hear what you’re doing as well. Go somewhere new, try something different, step outside of that comfort zone. Explore your world.

A happy and peaceful holiday season to all.

6 thoughts on “Tiny Adventures: Skeeball and Fancy Drinks

  1. Marianna

    Liz! What that the bar for the Bachelor Farmer that you speak of? If yes, how was the food?? Hope to see you climbing sometime soon (we're going EARLY tomorrow)…

  2. richard

    Wow,what an adventure; basement bars with expensive drinks. Sounds like something out of Prohibition days.

  3. Katie

    this sounds like an amazing adventure! I adore skee bal, without a doubt, and could play for hours. I recently discovered fancy drinks too; there's an awesome speakeasy kind of place here in Philly that's perfect for them. yay for tiny adventures!

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