Kettlebells: One Year In

This month marks my one year anniversary with kettlebells. Yay! To mark the occasion, here’s a little write-up about my first year of kettlebell training.

Before kettlebells, I had never really done any type of strength training. I experimented with a few barbells and machines here and there, but I always got bored and never lasted more than a few sessions. Last year I decided that I wanted to be a stronger climber, so I started seeking out options and decided to see what kettlebells were all about.

I found a class (with an RKC certified instructor) and was hooked almost immediately. Initially, I started training to better my climbing, but kettlebell training has carved out its own space in my life. Here is why:

  • It’s fun. Plain and simple. The movements are fun and completely different than my previous experiences with free weights and machines.
  • There’s always more to learn. I am a person who analyzes things. I like to pull things apart and understand them from the inside out.  The more I learn in my training, the more I find there is to learn. I’ve been swinging for a year, and am still working on perfecting the subtleties of the movements. There is always room to do it better.
  • At 33 yrs old, I am in the best shape of my life.  Training with kettlebells is both great cardio and full-body strength training all rolled into one.  I notice it in everyday life and in my adventures.  Riding my bike across town is easier. Hiking up mountains is easier. Everything is just easier. I don’t worry, anymore, about my fitness level holding me back from the things that I want to do.  I cannot wait to see where I am after another year!
  • I am strong, and I absolutely love the way that feels. It’s empowering. I walk out of classes feeling like superwoman. That feeling bleeds over to the rest of my life, too. I feel strong physically, and it makes me more confident in general.
  • Making training a priority makes me feel like I’m doing something really good for myself and taking care of my body. It motivates me to eat better, to drink more water, and to make better decisions about my health.
  • I’m climbing better. That’s why I started training in the first place. Although I train for its own sake now, there’s definitely been some carry-over into my climbing. Body tension, core strength, grip strength, and overall everything strength. I have made leaps and bounds in my climbing this year and I am pointing a big finger at my kettlebells training.

Kettlebells have been great for me. I get excited when I talk about my training, and people can see that. I am careful not to declare kettlebell training as the one and only cure-all for everyone everywhere. There are a lot of great ways to be healthy and I don’t believe that there’s one type of training that is best for everyone. Having said that… I have found something that is fun, that is getting me into great shape, and keeps me interested and going back for more.

I’m excited to see what another year of training will bring.I have a lot of physical challenges in store for this year, and my continued training with kettlebells is going to be a huge benefit.  I am continuing to dial in my form and technique,and it’ll be fun to see where I am this time next year!

4 thoughts on “Kettlebells: One Year In

  1. Lydia

    Eliz, that's awesome! I'm so excited you've experienced such a wonderful year and feel so great! You've inspired me to try a kettlebell class!

  2. krysia

    Makes me envious, yet inspired! I went once, but my ankle wasn’t strong enough for me to effectively participate. I did love what I could do, and want to go back when I am stronger, thanks for sharing!

    1. Elizabeth Post author

      I would love to hear about your experience when you’re able to go. Some folks love it, some hate it. For me, it’s just right. 🙂 It’s best to find an instructor who is RKC certified, to ensure you’re getting the best instruction out there.

      Here’s hoping that ankle just keeps getting better and better!

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