Trip Report Haikus

I had a recent conversation with some friends on Twitter, the gist of which was how behind we all were on trip reports. Trip reports are great. Not only do they serve to document experiences, but they are also a great resource for others thinking about embarking on similar adventures.

Trip report pending.
Photo: Seth Iverson

Sometimes, though, life gets in the way, and that report gets pushed further and further to the bottom of the list. I still haven’t posted about my trip to Joshua Tree last November. Others are much farther behind than that.

So, to alleviate some of the stress and get those reports done quickly, I asked folks to submit their trip reports in the form of a haiku (thanks to Sarah/@cdnrockiesgirl for the great haiku suggestion).

Over 20 haikus were submitted, and I’ve copied them all below, with the permission of their authors. I love how, in seventeen syllables, the essence of these trips have been captured.

For the details, a 700 word trip report is great. For the general feeling of an experience, it seems that a haiku works pretty well!


Desert fun with friends
Unaweep Canyon climbing
Colorado rocks!

– Josh (@jrmontag)

Two weeks in Bishop
End up working every day
Climb little, send less

-Donn Goodhew (@grimp)

Down to the sea shore
Clear views of Catalina
Soft sand under foot

Traci Lehman (@walksimply)

Desert dirt-bagging
in Joshua Tree, where I’m
humbled by 5.5

– Hailey H (@haileyh907)

Does rain dampen all?
Climb rocks with friends old and new
Smiles return the sun

Rockgrrl (@rockgrrl)

A canoe and snow
One hundred miles no people
Oh dear, big rapids

– Mike SanClements (@msanclem)

Howler Monkey scream
Giant cricket in latrine
Love the sweet jungle

– Tali Koziol (@cupcakemafia)

Women on fat bikes
Riding the Yukon Quest trail
Howling to the wolves

– Jill, Head Geargal (

Around the fire
Trading stories with friends
Autumn nights are fab!

Early April night
The rain just won’t stop falling
I want to go home

– George Sudarkoff (@sudarkoff)

Dr. Seuss-like place
Cheerleader trees with pom-poms
And many rock piles

Drive, drive, drive, drive, drive
We ride the frozen white fluff
Drive, drive, drive, drive, drive

-Seth Iverson (@mightyredbeard)

Four women with bikes
One hundred k in the snow
Dawson Overland

– Jenn Roberts (@Jennoit)

We sang ‘Hot in Here’
before we howled to the wolves
beneath Northern Lights

– Jill Homer (@AlaskaJill)

Desert bouldering
with good friends and family
mini road trip fun

– Sarah Evans (@SevansPT)

Drove to Lake Louise
Climbed icefall early and fast
Time still left for drinks

– Sarah (@cdnrockiesgirl)

So, #haikuTR
There I was, rocking it hard
Then came home and napped

– Peter West Carey (@pwcarey)

Hike up Mt. Evans
Oh shit. The altitude sucks.
Bail to get pizza

– Carrie (@civers4)

Climb in the desert
Why is it raining on us?
Guess we’ll go hiking

Hike up the mountain
Past misty conifer trees
Summit in a cloud

Elizabeth (@eliz_rocks)

The snow, it is hard
My boyfriend teaches me tricks.
180, I fail.

– Ayesha Khan (@akhan7625)

If you didn’t get a chance to submit your own trip report haiku, you are welcome to add yours to the comments. Thanks to all who contributed, this was a lot of fun!

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