Seedling Update: Yogurt Cup Planters

It’s a beautiful day outside, but before I head out to enjoy it, I want to share the progress that I’m making with my little plant babies!

I am starting some plants indoors from seeds this year, which is something I’ve never done successfully in the past (I tried once a few years ago and ended up with very moldy tomato seedlings. It wasn’t pretty).

I started here: Tiny Adventures: Starting Seeds Indoors, and when that didn’t work, I made a second run at it: Seed Starting, Part Deux.

I’m happy to report that I’m having some success! Laurel suggested that yogurt cups would make great little pots, so I started collecting. When my seedlings were ready to be put into soil, the yogurt cups were the perfect size!

Tomatoes and collard greens in their yogurt cup homes

I  poked some holes in the bottoms of the yogurt cups to let water get through (I’ve been bottom-watering mostly, so the holes are important for that, as well), put some soil in, and planted my little seedlings. Easy, peasy!

Tomatoes require a bit of extra care. For tips on transplanting tomato seedlings, check out this great guide from Garden Betty: How to Repot Tomato Seedlings

Onions in need of transplant (I think)

I have three more tomato plants that I’ll be potting today, and two more collard greens. I also have some onions that I need to decide what to do with. If I can get the garden ready, I can probably just put those outside at this point. But, to be realistic, that’s not going to happen this week….. so I should probably just be honest and plant them in some big yogurt containers until I find the motivation to work on the garden.

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