Videotape Yourself Climbing

A few years ago, my friend and awesome climbing partner, Zack, brought his camera to the climbing gym and took some video. He set it up in the corner and filmed us climbing a few routes. I teased him for it.

Then, I watched the videos and realized what a great tool they were! Especially as a beginning climber, I was able to learn a lot from watching myself.

Reasons why watching yourself climb is helpful:

    • For many of us, our brain’s perception of our bodies is not in line with the real thing. For example: I had no idea how tall I was and how much reach I had until I watched myself climb. From watching self-videos, I realized that I was climbing as if I was 6 inches shorter than I actually am. I can also look at body position: am I hanging on straight arms? Am I keeping my hips close to the wall? Etc. etc. etc.
    • You can see all the good things you’re doing, too. When I first saw myself climbing, I noticed the things that could be better, but I also felt pretty awesome. Because that was *me* climbing, and that was really cool.
    • It’s fun to go back and see how you’ve progressed. I just watched some videos from 2009 (my first year of climbing). I climbed a little bit like a noodle. I was leaping for holds that I could have just moved to if I had added some body tension and kept myself closer to the wall.
    • You can make silly videos and post them on your blog (see below)

I got myself one of the Joby flexible tripods and I can adjust it to shoot at any angle I want, or even curl it around railings. It’s pretty sweet.

I haven’t taken the camera to the gym in a couple of years, but going back and watching those early videos has convinced me to start bringing my camera again. It will be fun to see what my climbing looks like now compared to a few years back. I’m sure there’s much more to learn from watching, as well.

Back in 2009, my first year of climbing, my friend Zack and I tackled some competition bouldering problems. These were the ‘easy/beginner’ set, which was fine with us. We decided to start at #1 and see how far we got. Zack, being the awesome guy that he is, made the following video out of it. Proof, once more, that climbing is fun. Especially with the right people. Watching this video just makes me smile, so I’m sharing it with you.

Notice that I have no clue how tall I am. Also notice my super awesome t-shirt, which has since been retired (how I miss that shirt).




5 thoughts on “Videotape Yourself Climbing

  1. 'Drea

    I need to get one of those tripods. It’s usually pretty crowded in the gym but if it’ll wrap around a rail that would make for interesting videos and I wouldn’t have to worry about someone crushing the camera.

    1. Elizabeth Post author

      Yeah, they’re pretty nice and will hold on to pretty much anything.
      My disclaimer is that I’m lucky enough to be able to go to the gym during the day, when there aren’t a lot of people.

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