Garden Update – June 2012

I know you’ve all been wondering how my garden is doing. To ease your minds, here are a few pictures of the most recent developments. We had a big rainstorm the other night, so the plants are a bit muddy.

First things first, the tomatoes.

I started these guys from seed, they’re about three months old. They’ve grown so much since their days under lights in my living room. I’m quite proud of them.

We picked up some nice red tomato cages to spice up the garden a bit. I think they’ll help the plants feel more lively and produce even more fruit. Tomato plants see color, right?

Then there are the onions. They, also, seem quite happy in their new home. These were also started from seed, around the same time as the tomatoes. I have both yellow and red onions growing.




Collard greens. Also started from seed.


And the lettuce and spinach patch. I’ve ordered some 30% shade cloth that I’m going to put out on hot, sunny days. Hopefully that will keep all these little guys happy enough to grow nice, yummy greens for us to eat.

I have some more stuff growing, carrots, beans, kale, some herbs, etc. I’ll give a more complete tour when things get a little bit bigger.

The great garden experiment of 2012 continues!

2 thoughts on “Garden Update – June 2012

  1. Sarah

    Lovely garden! This is my first year attempting a reasonable vegetable garden and I’m still trying to work out which plants need what to sprout and where is the best place to put them. I like the idea of the planting beds too. Looks very convenient!

    1. Elizabeth Post author

      Ah yes, I love our raised beds. I can sit on the edge and pick weeds. Plus, we don’t get as many critters for some reason. Except for those pesky squirrels. *shakes fist*. I’m still trying to figure out the garden, but I’m getting a better handle on things every year!

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