I’ve been on a mission to simplify my life.

Making room for the important things

It started a few years ago with my time. I was busy. Stressed. Anxious. Then, one day, I realized that the way I spend my time is my choosing. So, I made some changes and simplified my schedule. Cleared out to the essentials. Suddenly, I had a lot of open time, and that time that had previously been filled with obligations was filled, instead, by the things that I enjoyed. I had time to take walks. See my friends. Relax. Smile.

Ever since then, the desire to simplify has bled into all aspects of my life. I want a simple life, a simple home, simple finances, simple relationships. Simple possessions. I even found that the most effective method for being productive was simplifying my to-do list. I’m sensing a theme here.

I want to own only the things that I need or love. So, over the past few years I’ve been weaning down my possessions. It’s a bit of an obsession, but every bag that leaves the house, every space that opens up, makes me feel lighter. How many sets of sheets do we really need? How many plates, forks, glasses? Do I really need a closet full of clothes when I only wear a few items?

I’m not immune to the pressures to do more, to fill my time, buy random stuff. Those are all deeply ingrained habits that take time to change. I take two steps forward, one step back. But, as I continue to move forward, the rewards of a simpler life are worth the effort.

6 thoughts on “Simplify

  1. Sarah

    Firstly – love the picture in your blog header!

    Secondly – I love the idea of striving to live life simply. There is a lot of freedom in having less and making what you do have count. I’ve also been “culling” the excess in my house and it is amazing how much stuff can come out of a small home! One of my favourite things to do lately is trade with friends. It’s surprising how often I want to get rid of something that it turns out a friend was looking for (or vice versa)!

    1. Elizabeth Post author

      Thanks, Sarah. 🙂 Seth took that pic when we were in Joshua Tree last fall.

      I like the trading with friends idea. I take a lot of my stuff to Goodwill where it will be used by others, but why not start with a smaller circle?

  2. Dave Sandel

    Absolutely. Been trying to do the same, but it’s definitely not easy. I also find that most of my clutter is due to the overflow if outdoor gear. :-p

    1. Elizabeth Post author

      Ha, yeah, we have a lot of that too. I tend to put that under the “things I need” category, though, because it gets used quite a bit. Need to go through and see what we’re *not* using, though….

      1. Astrid Bryce

        Great post! I agree that the large amount of outdoor gear creates a good amount of my clutter. One thing I need to work on is that I don’t need to keep every cook set I ever acquired. I should give some of my older, duplicate gear to friends and family that are just trying to outfit themselves.

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