Tiny Adventures: Conrad

See that tree hanging over the falls? That’s Conrad.

We came across Conrad one day a few weeks ago. We had decided to take the bikes out with no particular destination in mind. We rode along the river and decided to check out the Lock & Dam on the Mississippi River near Fort Snelling. We rode down the ramp, locked up our bikes, and took a look around. Turns out it’s pretty cool down there.

You can see one of two locks behind us to the left.

I had no idea that there was a whole set-up for visitors, including a bridge directly over the locks themselves, which would be really fun to stand on when a barge is coming in.

We found many posters around with facts about barges, the history of the locks, etc. Worth a short side trip if you find yourself down there.

We spotted Conrad almost immediately, and watched him as we worked our way through the locks. He was firmly planted halfway over the falls, water rushing around him. How long he had been there? Where he had come from?

We found a bench near the falls and watched the river for a bit. On the bridge above, cars were rushing back and forth, but down where we were it was more peaceful. Away from the city, yet right in the middle of it. We watched a group of ducks float casually towards the falls and fly back upriver at the last moment. And we contemplated about the life of Conrad.

It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon, and an unplanned tiny adventure. We kept tabs on Conrad after that day. He held on to that spot on the falls for a few weeks after, but has recently moved on down the river. Cheers to Conrad and the adventures that await him.