Mountains on the Brain

I have mountains on the brain. I’ve been enamored with climbing for quite some time, but it’s never been quite like this.

That’s me, way up there on the Grand. Exhausted, but happy.

Me, heading up Wall Street. First roped-up pitch of the Upper Exum.

You may already know that Seth and I took a trip out to Wyoming last month and spent a week in the Tetons. The pinnacle of our trip was climbing the Grand Teton. Something about those mountains, and about that climb, has dug its hooks into me, and it won’t let go.

I’ve been on climbing trips before. I go out, I have a great time, I return to Minnesota, and although I feel a renewed excitement for climbing, it’s usually something I look back on fondly as I casually plan my next trip. But, this time is different.

My thoughts are full of climbing and hiking and scrambling and climbing (did I already say that?).  The thought of waiting until late spring to visit mountains again is suddenly not ok. I need to get there sooner. Even a three-day whirlwind trip to Colorado sounds good.

Our Tetons trip was my first technical movement in the mountains. I walked away with new skills and a better idea of what it takes. And now that I’ve done it, I want more. I want to get to a level where I can go back and climb the Upper Exum route on my own, without a guide. I want to climb more stuff. I want to explore the Tetons. I want to go explore *other* mountains. I just want to get out there.

I wanted all of this before, but not as much as I do now. It occupies my brain. I have dreams about being in the mountains. I think about it constantly. It’s kind of ridiculous. It’s not just me, either. It’s got Seth, too. Check out our current reading pile. This shot was not set up.


The picture to the left shows our bookshelf anchor set up to practice basic techniques and knots on. Both the book pile and the living-room anchor appeared after we returned from the Tetons.

I’m hoping that this level of obsession will die down a bit and let me live in relative peace in the flat land of Minnesota (because I really do love living here). Until then… I’m watching plane tickets for a quickie to Colorado before the snow flies, and getting out to our local crags as much as humanly possible.

Wish me luck.


3 thoughts on “Mountains on the Brain

    1. Elizabeth Post author

      My biggest suggestion would be to get as much info about the route as possible, as route-finding can be tricky. I’ve heard a few stories of folks ending up off route and having to backtrack (we were lucky enough to have a guide, so didn’t have to think about that).

      Also, if it’s still open, look into the AAC Climbers’ Ranch. We stayed there two nights and enjoyed it. Hot showers, cabins with bunks, a cooking area, and a little library. Plus, other climbers!

      It’s a great mountain… we really loved it out there. Looking forward to hearing your report!

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