Derailed: Getting Back On Track

They’re getting along well.

It’s been an eventful few weeks here. My normal schedule has taken a backseat to more important things that needed our attention. Family comes first. We’ve been adjusting to some changes, one of which resulted in a new kitty cat in the house. His name is Teko, and he likes to explore. Yesterday we found him down one of our air vents. He’s fine.

I’ve managed to get out and climb a bit, but my kettlebells training has been virtually non-existent. The work I had been doing to pre-plan meals and eat well has also gone out the window. I know that the longer I don’t train and eat poorly, the more those things become habitual.

So, as things are calming down and we settle into our new normal, I turn my attention towards picking things back up again and re-forming good habits. This means training on a schedule, and eating well by planning out my meals. It won’t take long before those things are habitual once again.

Life happens, and sometimes there are things that take priority over training. Or I have a bad week and eat all the wrong things. The trick is to treat it as a blip on the radar, and not let it become the new norm. I’m looking forward to getting back into a healthy routine.