Kettlebells in the Park

We didn’t make it to our regular Tuesday evening kettlebells class last night. So, Seth and I grabbed the bells we have at the house and walked over to the neighborhood park for our own workout.

I’ve always loved the *idea* of swinging outside, and doing my own workout, but I’ve avoided it because I was self-conscious. Turns out, nobody really cared. We found our own little spot and weren’t bothered by anyone. And we got to enjoy the beautiful fall evening while we were at it.

At the house right now we have a 16kg bell and a 24kg bell. We decided to train for 45 minutes, and took turns deciding what we would do next, making sure we got in most of the big stuff. We did heavy swings, a swing/squat ladder, soccer lunges, planks, a snatch ladder, and push-ups.

The thing I’m most excited about is the snatch ladder. The lightest bell we had was a 16kg (I’ve been snatching the 14), so I decided we’d start with one on each side, work up to 5, and then back to 1. Not only did I feel strong snatching the 16kg (awesome), but when I counted it all up afterwards, it adds up to 50 snatches total! Score!

So, a little mini-adventure for us last night, working out in the park. I was intimidated by the idea, but as with most things, I just had to do it to see that it wasn’t a big deal. And judging from how sore I am today, we didn’t cut ourselves any slack, either.



2 thoughts on “Kettlebells in the Park

  1. Katie

    That’s great! I think there’s something extra special and fun about working out outside. I went through the same kind of thing this summer. I found a really fun park work out ( if you’re interested), but it took me a month to work up the nerve to do it in the park by my house. Ends up that it wasn’t a big deal at all and a nice change from my living room.

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