Tiny Adventures: Night Skiing & Computer Repair

Tiny adventures are back! What is a tiny adventure? It’s one of those little adventures that happens during a regular day. No grandiosity required. A tiny adventure doesn’t have to impress other people, it just has to feel adventurous to you. When I change up my routine, try something new, or step out of my comfort zone, I consider it a tiny adventure (since spontaneity is often outside of my comfort zone, that usually qualifies as well). The best part is that tiny adventures are different for everyone. What feels normal to me is an adventure for someone else, and vice versa.

Here are two of my most recent tiny adventures:

Cross-Country Skiing by Headlamp

It’s been a snowy end to winter here in Minnesota. Last week’s snowstorm dumped close to 9 inches of fresh, beautiful snow on top of a solid snowpack. One of the many things I love about the Twin Cities is that the golf courses turn to cross-country ski courses in the wintertime. Some are groomed, some are not. Either way, it’s pretty awesome. After last week’s snow, Seth and I donned our headlamps and headed out after dark for a little headlamp skiing adventure. There were only a few skiers scattered around the golf course, and we felt like we were removed from the city, even though we were right in the middle of it. It was a fun way to spend the evening.

Repairing my Laptop

Aaaaah!My laptop has had something weird going on with the screen for a while. It started out as an annoyance and has progressed to just being plain broken. I did some research and suspected the problem was a pinched cable. So, I ordered the part, printed out repair instructions, took a deep breath, and started disassembling my computer. Three hours later, the cable was replaced and my computer still worked! Unfortunately it didn’t fix my screen problem, but that’s what external monitors are for, right? There’s no rule saying that tiny adventures have to be 100% successful.

What sorts of tiny adventures have you found yourself doing lately? What made them feel adventurous to you?

4 thoughts on “Tiny Adventures: Night Skiing & Computer Repair

  1. Eileen

    Yay for the return of Tiny Adventures!

    I count night skiing as one of my Adventures this year too (mine was just at a resort but since I’m still a new skiier it was very adventurous to me.

    Nice job on opening your laptop, I also consider opening up a computer a Tiny Adventure 🙂

    1. Elizabeth Post author

      Oooh, I bet night skiing downhill is quite the experience. Eep! Mine was slow and unscary. Mostly felt like exploring. The computer disassembly on the other hand….

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