Tiny Adventures: Giant Snowball and Warm River Hike

Spring is fickle. Winter tries its hardest to hang on, but eventually the warm weather wins. The battle results in a pretty wide range of weather in short periods of time.

For example….

On a late April evening, four of us took advantage of several inches of fresh, wet snow, to try and roll the biggest snowball that we could. It was perfect snow for snowballs, and we successfully rolled a five-foot tall beast. The snowball was so heavy at the end that with four of us pushing, we could barely move it. Bonus: as a funny joke, we left it in front of our neighbors’ front door. They were the talk of the neighborhood!

With four tiny snowmen on top.

With four tiny snowmen on top.

DrainpipeFive days later, the snow was melted (but not the giant snowball, muahaha) and Seth and I were able to do some exploratory hiking down by the river in t-shirts. We discovered a new path and a beach that would be perfect on a warm summer evening, and a big ol’ drainpipe that empties into the river.

Two completely different adventures based on two completely different seasons, within one week.

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  1. Jayson


    I am so profoundly jealous of your evil genius. When I grow up I want to be as malicious to my neighbors as you are.

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