Seeking Balance

I haven’t climbed in two weeks. Honestly, I haven’t climbed much since my Red Rocks trip. Partly due to some nagging injuries, partly because gym climbing seemed so bland in comparison to where I had just come from, and partly because… I was just worn out.

Climbing: just one of my happy places.

Climbing: just one of my happy places.

It’s been a busy winter, with *lots* of climbing. Lots of climbing, lots of exercise, lots of fun things with my awesome friends, much of which was centered around… climbing. On nights I wasn’t climbing I was swinging kettlebells or had something else on my calendar.

It’s been a fun year. But I missed my music. And my knitting. And all of the other things I used to do before I became obsessed with climbing. Suddenly, I missed those things a LOT.

Last week I didn’t climb at all. In fact, most nights I just stayed home. I played my banjo quite a bit. I worked on the sweater I’ve been knitting (it has cabled owls on it and has the potential to either be super cool or super uncool). I caught up on emails. Spent time with my husband, just the two of us. And generally just took it down a few notches.

I realized that I’ve been focusing so much on work, climbing, kettlebells, climbing, travel, climbing, etc… that I’ve lost touch with all of the *other* things that I love to do.


I’ve been feeling one-dimensional. On Twitter and on this blog I focus on climbing and adventure, with the occasional other thing thrown in the mix for variety. Mostly, though, I’m known as Eliz the climber, Eliz the adventurer, and sometimes Eliz the kettlebeller. As time has gone on, I’ve focused mostly on those things in my offline life as well.

I love climbing and adventuring, don’t get me wrong. They are an important part of my life. But, if this blog and my twitter account truly represented my interests, you’d see the full, 3D version:

My new album cover

My new album cover (not really)

Eliz the climber. Eliz the adventurer. Also… Eliz the musician. Eliz the audio engineer. Eliz the radio producer. Eliz the vegetable gardener, the knitter, the introvert. Eliz the not-very-good juggler. Eliz who loves the mountains, and loves Minneapolis even though it’s far away from the mountains. Eliz who draws colorful, chalked sidewalk art with the neighbor kids. Eliz the homebody, who really really likes a quiet night or three at home with nobody else around. Etcetera.

The past year or so, I’ve watched myself become more and more one-dimensional in my day-to-day life, just like my social media persona. My non-work time has become all about climbing, adventures, and kettlebells, and I’ve filled it so much with those things that there’s no room for anything else. It makes me not very fun at parties. Time to re-diversify.

It’s probably good timing, this pull I’m feeling to regain some sort of balance. I mentioned before that I’m dealing with some nagging injuries, which, if I’m smart, pulls me out of climbing and kettlebells for at least a few weeks while I rehab. I see quite a bit of banjo playing in my near future. More bike riding and concerts, more cooking and gardening and knitting. And, of course, there are always tiny adventures to be had.

Right now I’m off to fly this kite that’s lying next to me. Because I’m not heading to a kettlebells class or the climbing gym, and I suddenly have the time.


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