Camping and Other Stuff: 6 Months Pregnant

I’m 27 weeks pregnant, or just about 6 months (nearing the end of my second trimester!) 3 months to go!.My belly’s getting bigger and bigger and the little one is kicking and wiggling all over the place. Overall I’m feeling pretty good! We’re eating well, I’m sleeping well, not craving anything crazy… I just need to make sure I drink lots and lots of water and all is well.

Working on the house. Yellow is a nice baby color!

Working on the house. Yellow is a nice baby color!

We’re spending quite a bit of time and energy this summer buttoning up big house projects. Getting things finished up so that when baby comes we can just enjoy baby and not be worrying about things like putting up trim or re-siding the house. Not the same kind of fun as a two week backpacking and climbing trip out to the mountains of Wyoming like we did *last* summer (that was awesome, read about those trips here and here), but it’s a good feeling to see the house coming together.

This summer is a quiet one, overall, though, and we’re staying close to home. Seth did take a 12-day mountaineering course in the Cascades in May, which was big, and he’s been getting out on the local rock with friends. Otherwise, the extent of our outdoor activities has been a lot of walks in town and a couple of smaller, overnight camping trips together

Car camping means steak over the fire.

Car camping means steak over the fire.

Camping while pregnant? So far, so good! Our first trip was car camping, scrunched up next to a lot of others who were also car camping. We built a fire, had some steak (hey, might as well, the car’s right there!), and slept in a tent. I brought an extra pillow for support and was pretty comfortable.  And… our site was close to the bathrooms. Yay.


Skills practice! This is an extended top-belay so I can look over the edge and see my cimber. It’s pretty slick!

That particular trip, we camped near one of our outdoor climbing areas, so we woke up and met a friend for skills practice and climbing. I’m still not doing any climbing, and won’t be until next winter, (read about that here), so I stayed up top and helped with anchors and such and they went down and did the actual climbing. I set up a little station and experimented with some different ways to rig up anchor systems and top belays, as demonstrated in the AMGA Single PItch Instructors’ Manual (lots of good info in that book if you haven’t seen it).


Watching the climbing from the top.

This past weekend was our second pregnant camping trip. We chose a hike-in site at Lake Maria State Park and took our 7-year old nephew along with us. Seth packed my pack with all of the light, fluffy things. Sleeping bags and pads, and he even snuck a pillow in there for me. He took the heavier stuff: the tent, food, stove, etc. The nice thing about a hike-in site is you’re more secluded, which I loved. The downside to this particular site was the bugs. They were kind of ridiculous. We swatted our way down the trail to our site, set up camp, and I hid in the tent for a while setting up sleeping pads and bags while Seth and K gathered sticks and got a fire going. The fire helped keep them at bay, but they were persistent. I have four bites on my face to prove it. We roasted some smores and tucked into the tent for the night. This trip I was 27 weeks pregnant, so not quite as comfortable as the last one. Next time I think I would bring an extra camp pillow or two for extra support, but with a good pad, the sleeping on the ground part was still totally fine.

That, again, was just an overnight trip (which was fine with me, since the flies and mosquitoes were so aggressive). As far as camping while pregnant goes, not very different from camping while *not* pregnant. I carry less weight in my pack and need a bit more strategic support while sleeping, and that’s about it. Not a big adjustment at all.

We might take a longer trip in September when it’s cooler and the bugs have died down. Me and my big belly are gonna rock it!

In the meantime, I’m taking advantage of some of my extra non-climbing time this summer to do some reading. Something I’ve gotten away from the past few years. I had forgotten how much I enjoy it! And I’m staying active in other ways as well, walking and continuing my kettlebells classes 2-3x a week, making adjustments as I get farther into my pregnancy.

And, of course, the big house projects. Beginning next weekend we’ll be starting a big push for the next month or so on some of the bigger stuff. And the house is going to look fabulous when we’re done.

Stay tuned.

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